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This work is dedicated to the revelation of 
"The One pulsating Womb"

7 weeks 1:1 Initiation

to connect you to the primordial waters

& wisdom of your womb

The Womb. 

When activated, a powerful source of guidance and intuition, that holds the ability to connect you to the wisdom of al lifetimes.

The womb.

A place and the seat of the deep feminine mysteries

And source of ecstatic power & inherent creation.

The Womb

A portal to Life


the primordial dark 

holding the ability to face the collective core wounds &

unite us as

the one pulsating womb

pulsing in sync with

the heart of humanity

Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 14.19_edited.png

During this Initiation & mentorship we are going to work via shamanic journeys, embodiment-/ meditation- & ritual practices, held in a container of trauma informed coaching and soul embodiment.

Pillars of our journey:

connecting with mental- , emotional-  & physical body and identifying old believes, which may block an inner alignment.

Identifying disconnection and energetical barriers

learning to truly listen and receive the womb with its wound and hidden story

as well as: being received & held by the own womb


journey through the wombgates 

working with ancestral lineage & archetypes connected to blood mysteries and blood as own wisdom council

identifying belonging wound and working with ancestral/ individual and collective wounds and believes, as well as trauma layers and how they manifest in this lifetime and in relating to life.

allowing an emergence of the embodied expression of the Womb, through sound, breathe and movement 

sacred union between inner parts and womb

connecting to the ancient waters of the womb and its primordial dark



Final Initiation & temple:

re entering this life and planet with a deeper remembrance of who you are as a soul 


rebirthing in the waters of the womb while connecting to your soul's decision of incarnating & being released by the cosmic womb into the womb of the earth.


What you will recceive during this 7 weeks Initiation journey & mentorship: 

Invest: 1 single payment of 1270,00 € / 2 x 615,00 € / 3 x 420,00 €


Apply via free discovery call:

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Image by Annie Spratt

Descending into the body
is the feminine prayer

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