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- The Sacred Ass -


experience the deep medicine of base- and analwork
feeling anchored in your body 

A descending journey that will guide you into
a deep atuning to the matter of your body
 & into your base.


Why Basework?


The base is a storehouse for our deepest survival fears.

It can hold a deep mistrust to the world, to the abundance of earth and life itself.


A sense of not
feeling save in matter, in the body and in this incarnated life is very often what we hold at the root of our being.


Most of us are holding since childhood core wounds of

abandonment, isolation and a deep programmed shaming,

which are hidden within the whole body & very often rooted in our base.

A sense of disconnection to this lower

part of our body is preventing the access to the intuition,

intelligence and power that this innocent area is holding, which is inherently connected to the greater earth
 & entitiy that our planet is.

Very often we are not aware about the impact that is rippling as a contraction into our daily live through the disconnection that we hold to our base and earth.

Once we have identified

not only survival fears,


but also:


- the fear of receiving true abundance, power

& unconditional Love from earth that is freely given,


 - attachments to the material realms


- to certain concepts of how we live our life,


we can learn to navigate through our body and root

in a way that helps us to


- the deeper truth that lies in the vibration of our base, our animal -

and earth.

A new way to open ourselves to life ( & death) itself.


A further part of this work is dedicated to the reconnection with 
voice and intelligence of our anus.



getting familiar again with

the sacredness of our ass

and reclaiming the connection between


Heart & Anus.

Sensing a new perception around anal Love making and the energetical portal that this area and act are holding.

Rewire also from this angle the conditioned story, that kept us away from living in connection to

innocent truth,

to Earth with its inherent wealth

and the divinity in all matter. 

As in this moment of global initiation, it is time to not only "live in highest alignment" and transcend into higher realms,

but daring to descend all the way down.

Into the mud, into the shit, that is sacred too.

 Into the dark of matter, that holds the seed of purity and life.

martin-sanchez-O59Y9Bkjxl4-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg
"The Base holds an inherent access to true abundance of earth and its vulcanic power"

This 1:1 container is deeper layerwork and for those, who have already achieved a level of integration around their heart- and body coherence.

It is for those who are drawn to descend deeper & longing to listen to the subtlelties of their body.


We will focus on how to work with the mental, emotional and physical body,

your nervous system and chakra system;
Descending through guided shamanic journeys,
Meditations, Embodiment practices & rituals,

as well as physical work
(analwork in your own home practice)



How do we work practically:

for a period of 6 weeks we meet for weekly 1:1 online sessions,

each session is highly & individually orchestrated to your needs.

Even though there are certain pillars that hold the foundation for our work, there is no pre script or fixed structure that I am using as layer.

Rather, I am allowing the both of us to breathe into our work and recognise through an upwelling process inner parts, that want to reveal themselves.

By working with an approach of allowing, receiving and natural descending, we make sure that we stay deeply attuned to the matter of your (shamanic) body.

Pillars while descending into base and analwork:  

•Connecting heart & anus energetically & starting to receive the voice and intelligence of your anus

•Identifying shame/fear/ conditioning/ trauma layers covering the anus & integrating fragmented parts

•Connecting deeper to perineum as "a bridge between worlds"

•primordial activation 

•Accessing life through your root and recognising how this can be linked to receiving / birthing life (creation) in alignment with the deeper truth of your base

• working with death in both ways:

the fear of death & the longing to dissolve into death

• unpacking belonging- & survival wounds (individually and collectively)

and connecting to true source of wealth in soul and soil

•The anus as a cosmic portal and access point to kundalini power of the earth


what you will receive:

weekly 1:1 sessions via zoom (75 minutes)

access to integrational support via private Telegram messenger (Tuesday - Friday)

2x individual recorded audio meditations


 1 x 1200 € as single payment, or:

2 x 615,00 € / 3 x 420,00 €

application via free discovery call:

Thank you for signing up! You will receive the next welcoming steps shortly...

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