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Originally from Poland, she has been connecting to energywork with a sense of magic

since her early childhood through the imprint of her father`s  family and ancestors. 

After living and leaving a "typical german structured life", that included working for the german government

for over 15 years, Karolina reconnected to her soul`s alignment during her experiences of personal crisis and depression, own trauma work and initiation into motherhood.

Her various studies of yoga, meditation & bodywork opened the gate to deepen her work in the realms of tantra, feminine essence &  embodiment, as well as emotional & somatic awareness/ nervous system regulation and trauma work. anchoring now with the essence of these studies in the holistic integration of soul embodiment through mentorship work and embodiment-/ yin yoga.

She is a facilitator and mentor & dedicated to support women in reconnecting with the intelligence of their body.

in bringing their personality & fragmented parts into an integrated state, aligned with essence.

 In creating a safe container for more Soul Landing...

She is a guide for those seeking inner anchoring &  a reconnection with their true nature. 

For those who sense the longing for more, but being tired in searching this more in the outside world.

For those who are longing to liberate themselves from conditioned & limited living and

feeling resonance in a pull that

"calls you to something more, than you are".



Turned on about this infinite journey & undressing layer by layer, her work is constantly influenced by her own ongoing studies of accessing deeper levels of soul, matter and spirit.

I am dedicated to core truth.
to living a life deeply as a soul in this human vehicle, by meeting the beauty and the mess of the human personality.

...and I´m inviting you to go into your own depth to explore your soft, raw & wild vibrating essence...

We all come with our unique sets of imprints, connections, ancestors, gifts and wounds.  My work is focused on meeting the needs of our different inner parts through embodied mentorship work for individuals and groups. I provide space where trauma informed coaching meets shamanical ritual work & magic and the simplicity and power of daily embodiment.

My genius lies in working with activations of heart, womb (with female bodies) and base and an intuitive guidance to help you reconnecting with your own source (spirit).

So that you are able to listen to the subtle truth in your core AND body;
Activated in the depth of your being & trusting the unkown intelligence of life.

I am mother of two, currently living in Germany and have devoted my life to this work and this depth. Get in touch if you feel a resonance with this, I am looking forward to getting to know you.

With love, Karolina

Who has shaped & inspired me the most on my path:

Darina Samuel & Martin Rietdijk - Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork & Yoga Philosophy

Archana Sufiana - Feminine Leadership & Soul Awakening

Deva Vibha  - Tantra - Sacred Dance for Women

Vanessa Ministro - Frequency Healing 

Bruce Lyon/ Highden Temple - Soul Initiation

Thomas Hübl - Collective Healing / principles of healing collective and individual trauma I Trauma informed Leadership

Peter Levine - restoring the wisdom of the body I Irene Lyon - Nervos System Regulation

Laura Deva & Winter Jade Icely - Mystical Arts, Dark Embodiment & Sexuality

Shamballa School - Myteries of Soul, Spirit and Matter


and Life itself

If you feel resonance and would like to book a session outside the regular offerings, book your spot here. You will receive a short form to apply, including further informations around invest and session details

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(free discovery Calls

are offered to join the mentorship programs)

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