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Welcome to

into your essence

12 weeks of 1:1 Mentoring 
& deep soul journey
Diving into your essence.
A reconnection with your soul & a recognition of your true self on a deeper level. 
During this 1:1 journey you will discover a new and old connection from deep within.
by activating your inner channel & alignment, 
your heart intelligence
Self Love

"liberate your feminine essence
feel yourself
like you never did before..."

Together we will dive deep into the foundation of your

 - Self Love -
& discover "Holistic pleasure",
 the Essence
of your

 - Heart & Mind -

- Inner child -

 - Womb & Yoni -

& Anchoring in your base

by Tuning into your frequency &  welcoming the light and the shadow, you will learn how to own & integrate various aspects of your true authentic self.
We are going to work with a somatic approach of coaching & Soul embodiment, that will enable you to feel your truth rather than to be used by minds concepts
recognizing your light in your sacred darkness will align you on a deeper level
as one important pillar of our work will be to open space for "sacred anger" & using emotional release tools . You will be able to stand for your integrity in a healthy way and use authentic heart communication naturally .

Creating more and more a safe container for your soul.

Tune into these questions and feel how your heart & body is responding:

Are you desiring to activate your wholeness from within?

Do you want to feel the anchor in your core?

Are you longing to live your soul`s nature?

Allow yourself to be moved and guided further...

If you feel a pull for more:
jump on a free 20 minutes discovery call
(in english oder auf deutsch) 

More magic on the website is coming soon.

Applications via clarity call are open:

send me your email. I am happy to get in touch with you & answer your questions.

Or book yourself directly in here:

thank you for reaching out!

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  Self Love &   Essencework
- Mentoring -  
Frequency Healing

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